I am related to these following organizations;

Fakultas Hukum Universitas Padjadjaran

I studied law in the university for 4,5 years, class of 2009, graduated in May 2014. One of the best place to have law education with some of the best law professors in Indonesia.

Rikkyo University

I spent a year here for a student exchange program, in 2012-2013. located in the centre of Tokyo, this university has the best library i have ever seen.

Good News From Indonesia

I was an active member of this very positive organization from 2009-2012. Now being a passive member but i still write on the website from time to time. my role were good news journalist, public relation and social media poster.

Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia JEPANG

I served as IT Staff during my exchange program in Japan from 2012-2013, and Publication Content Staff during 2013-2014. My role was to handle PPIJ’s social media account, and occasionally wrote articles for their bulletins.

Radio PPI Dunia

served a short time as a broadcaster there, with a program called moshi moshi, on 2012-2013. it was utterly fun 😀

Toko Indonesia Okubo

I worked there from 2012-2013. It sells Indonesian halal food and snacks in Okubo, Shinjuku. Store opens from 11AM to 7pm, closes every Monday.  Need indonesian food but lives very far from Tokyo? no worries, you can order them by phone, mail, or online on their website and the food will be sent directly to your door.

GLC Consulting

I worked there as legal consultant from 2014-2015, and handling Japanese companies.

Bimbel Nurul Fikri

I have worked there as freelance English Teacher in 2010 – 2014. the best place to teach English with heart 😀

JAC Business Center (JAC Recruitment Group)

currently listed here as a freelance English translator 😀


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