Who is Farah?

hello there, bienvenidas esto es mi blog!

my name is Farah Fitriani. i am a happy wife full of spirit in making a better Indonesia. my hometown is Bandung, but i am currently living in Batam with my lovely husband. Besides posting random things in this blog, i freelance as an English teacher, translator, and Japanese interpreter. Even though i am a little careless, my major is actually economic law from Padjajaran University and College of Business from Rikkyo University. I love working in the legal field, that’s why I enjoyed my legal consultant job.

this blog contains a lot of random stuffs that i write every time i have the chance to. it is also filled by some theories of law.

for further contact,  feel free to follow and mention @farafit or email to farahfitrianifaruq@gmail.com. it will be a great honor for me, to know that someone out there, beside myself, is also reading this blog. 🙂


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