Assalamualaikum wr. wb..

Lately it’s been a trend in instagram to post #20factsaboutme after you were challenged by a friend. then after that you should challenge others. personally, i think this silly challenge was made by someone who’s dying to tell everyone about their life.. haha.. such a huge chance to brag about yourself.

initially i didn’t want to post anything like this but since i got tagged by a friend, i thought ‘might as well do the long one and post on my blog after that,’. here we go..

A picture of me to accompany the facts

A picture of me to accompany the facts

1. i was skinny when i was little, very. my mum thought it was unhealthy so she decided to make me eat as much as i could. and i did. till now.

2. i don’t do Path anymore, although i have one. for all the people who added me but never got confirmed, no hard feelings. i can easily be reached thru my fb and instagram.

3. i chose law faculty in my campus because it was close to my home, not because i really wanted to.

4. i didnt want to work in legal jobs initially but now i work as a legal consultant. ha ha. i like it, tho.

5. i have three funny younger brothers who make my life so happy even in the saddest days.

6. i have a beautiful mother who cares so much about me.

7. one thing that i regret the most when my father passed away is the fact that i made so many mistakes and i rarely apologized.

8. i have been together with my lovely @wahadri for 1 year and half now and we are planning to get married soon 😀

9. I hate going home late at night.

10. i prefer to stay home in most holidays.

11. although, i love love love beaches!!!

12. i hated my time in middle school, since i was bullied and invisible. but i made a few really good friends when i was there, and i am thankful for them..

13. i love cooking but i am not really good at it. yet.

14. messy and lazy most of the times. dont worry, i am dismissing those habits.

15. ice cream, chocolates, cakes are the second love of my life.

16. i lost 15kg in high school, and now i am trying my best to redo it.

17. i love@wahadri not because he’s perfect but because he perfectly fits me. beat that! *pls ignore this

18. i love languages and had experiences in teaching english. i am still working on my japanese. i plan to open my own language courses in 10years.

19. i also want to open my own cafe too.

20. last but not least, i love movies because it has been an effective way for me to learn languages.


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