I’m Finally Back

Assalamualaikum wr. wb…

Hello everyone! i’m finally back to write posts on this blog after a-month-long hiatus. what happened during the last month? let me sum them up for you.

1. Management Trainee Garuda Indonesia

i applied for this position online, and i got accepted until stage 2 of the recruitment. the first stage was online psychometric test. it was like psychotest when we had on our university entrance exam, but more complicated and it was online. i passed that stage, then i was called to do the second stage which is ‘Asesmen Kompetensi’, held in WTC building, jl Sudirman Jakarta on 25 November 2013. i went there with my mom, haekal and iqbal. my mother insisted to take me there so we stayed for a night in the usual place we stay everytime we’re in Jakarta: MESS BRI Sisingamangaraja fufu.

There were 24 people that day. the test was long, started from 8 am and i finished everything around 3pm. that part of the selection consisted of another 4 parts; Business Case Analysis, Presentation, Focus Group Discussion, and Psychological interview. the focus group discussion consisted of 5 people, including me. initially i was pretty shocked because of the case they gave us. it was more than a 8-page-long, and we needed to choose which one is the best and present it. i did my best in every part of the test but when the result was announced last week, my name wasn’t on it. i was surprised because i really thought i did well, but then i realized that maybe it’s a sign for me to concentrate on my final project. so i moved on. i promised my self to focus on my final project before applying for vacancies. and that’s exactly what i’m doing.

2. my Seminar Usulan Penelitian

after going up and down, back and forth with my final project a.k.a the notorius SKRIPSI, i finally had the chance to do my UP. what is UP? well, every student in law faculty of Padjadjaran University has to pass this stage before they can do their final presentation. UP is the time when you present the very first chapter of your final project in front of your guiding and asessor lecturers. i got approval for the title of my final project on September 16, two months eleven days later on November 27 i had my UP.

my UP was shocking because i was beaten up, mentally fufu. it is normal if your got beaten up in your UP by your asessor lecturers (after all, it’s their job) and i already prepared for that. what was not normal was the fact that i was beaten up by my own guiding lecturers. the one that guided me the whole time. he asked me several times with his angry voice, cornered me. i was really shocked i literally couldn’t say anything. thankfully after him, my asessor lecturers were very nice. one of them even complimented my writing, saying that the theme is really interesting and gave me a lot of insight on my final project. oh my god i just love her.
nevertheless, that UP experience traumatized me, i wasn’t able to continue to write anything for two weeks after that.

now, i have finished my last class, my JLPT, got some holiday from my teaching part-time job, and finally i have nothing to do beside focusing on my final project. during my escape from skripsi, i learned that in terms of writing my final project all i need is to calm down and just write. don’t take it personally. it’s the last paper that i ‘m going to write as bachelor degree student so just treat it like the other paper i have written. at the moment i’m no longer traumatized and just do my best everyday. i have revised my UP, done my second chapter and i’m moving on to the third chapter. there are still rocks in the way, though, but i believe i will be able to finish this thing succesfully.

3. The Japanese Language Proficiency Test

a few days after Garuda and UP i finally had the JLPT, Nihongo Noryoku Shiken N3 on December 2nd. i had taken a short preparation class in JLMC Supratman for this exam, so i was a little bit confident. the exam was held in widyatama university, very close to my home. before the test began, i met Dila, my BLCI friend who was also doing exchange program in Osaka the same time when i was in Rikkyo. She was also taking the test but we got different test room. we chatted and discussed some questions for the test, then we separated. i had been okay before the test, until i realized the guy who would supervise the test in my room was my previous Japanese Sensei. i was terribly shocked and i couldn’t handle my laugh. of all these test rooms he ended up in the same room as mine! wow. i felt really embarassed meeting him again after a year. it was because i had a little thing for him before my departure to Japan, and the stupidest part was i said that feeling directly to him. that’s why he remembered me. i know things have changed, he’s recently married and i’m with somebody, but still i was really shy haha… i should have not said anything, oh damn you big mouth. hadn’t i said anything he would have remembered me as one of his students, not one of the girl who confessed her feeling to him. LOL.

the JLPT itself wasn’t too bad. i did better than i expected. i liked the listening part of the test, because it made me feel like i was back in Japan again. the hardest part was the kanji. i hope i can pass the test but if i don’t i will study harder and take another round of the N3.

4. The Wedding Season

After going back from Japan i realized that a lot of people around me are getting married. i’ll count them for you.

1. my friends from PPI Jepang that i met in Japan; Mas Arief in Surabaya, Mbak Nova in Bandung. the upcoming weddings are Mbak Reisha in Padang and Mbak Kiki in Bogor.

2. my high school friends; first was Ferdita, and then my long time brother-like best friend Gugum, who’s recently married to his first and last girlfriend Irma. then Hani, who is marrying one of the most famous alumni in my university.

3. junior in high school; Atria.

4. senior in high school; teh ririn.

5. my neighbours; kak lavi who’s just married and teh fety.

5. my previous Japanese sensei; i told you already.

6. my ex boy friend. this is not the first time one of my ex boyfriends (yeah i know, it’s plural) had married someone. when i was still in Japan my other ex bf was also married to his childhood friend. but at that time i wasn’t invited hehe. now, this other exbf who’s going to be married in January invited me to his wedding. i was surprised when i see the invitation, because i know the woman that he’s going to marry: it is his best friend. when i was still with him, i always knew that there were something more than friends between them. i just knew. there was no cheating (i think), but i could see that they liked each other. i’m glad i wasn’t wrong, and my suspiciousness has already been reasonable.  huahaha. Nothing beats a woman’s feeling! anyway i wish him and his future spouse the best. i’m happy for them, truly. no hard feeling, we moved on.

my point is, people around me are getting married, makes me sometime wonder, when will be my time? but then i realized that i have already targeted to graduate first, find a work then get married. i have made plans and i want to accomplish those plans in order. actually, after i got home i wanted to go back to Japan as soon as i can to finish unfinished business (traveling :p), i even planned to apply for internship programs in Japan on January. but what’s the point of going back there anyway if your real life plans would be delayed? uda made me realize that there are many other things i should achieve here in Indonesia, that i need to grow up and be responsible for myself, my family and my plan in getting married. i realized that my plan of going back to Japan before i can graduate and have a good career is childish. so i need to do what’s important and that’s what matters now. if i am meant to go back to Japan again then i believe i will. at this moment i should focus on what i should finish; the notorious SKRIPSI. hehe..

i’ll see you again soon. bubye!




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