hello, 21!

Assalamualaikum wr. wb…

after being away from this blog for more than one month, now I’m back with so many stories to tell. the very first thing I would like to post is about my 21st birthday, which just happened a few days ago.

my 21st birthday wasn’t the first birthday without my family around, but it was the first birthday ever happened outside Indonesia. on the night before 14 of march, I actually wasn’t really excited, because I thought it would be another usual day. but at midnight, my friends, Too san (she’s Taiwanese) and Anuka (Mongolian) rang my door bell and threw me a small yet heart-rending surprise party. they brought foods and donuts, congratulated me. I was really moved. I never thought I could be that important for them.




we chatted for an hour before going to sleep, and made another appointment later that day to watch OZ together in Tobu Nerima Warner Bros Cinema.

in the morning, I went to my part time job as usual, but because I was going to movie with my lovely friends, I asked to leave earlier and slightly mentioned about me having birthday. my boss was surprised, she then let me to leave early and gave me cakes to celebrate my birthday… another pleasant surprise. again, I was moved.

we watched OZ later that day and it was really, I repeat, really interesting. the story was funny and amusing. I like how James Franco acted in the movie, he’s just like comedian. on the other side, it was weird to see Rachel Weisz and Mila Kunis to be the biggest enemy, since I was used to seeing them as the main characters.. lol. but the movie was really okay, actually. really recommended.

the day after that, Nurul came to my dorm after my baito (part time job) to throw me another surprise party, she brought me dinner, cakes, and birthday presents.



we then had dinner, drank soda, ate cakes, everything was delicious. thank you Nurul, I love you hahaha…

another best part about my birthday was the messages. everyone was really nice, sending me birthday messages and prayers, either email, texts, or via facebook, twitter, skype and line. I was overwhelmed, never thought many people would care enough to send me happy birthday messages. thank you everyone..

one of my best friend since high school, Dhy dhy, even made this lovely birthday card for me. thank you for being really awesome Dhy, I love youuuuuu…

in the end, I just want to say that this year’s birthday is really special, just like every other year. it feels really good and I was grateful, because no matter how far away I am from home, Alloh keeps sending me good people around…

as for my wish, I hope I will be more mature this year. I want to be smarter, more diligent, slimmer, nicer, in short I want to be a better person. I hope I will be able to control myself from buying unnecessary things, and I hope my Japanese and my English will get better.

oh, and I hope I could be his wife. Winking smile


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