the double

Assalamualaikum wr. wb…

today I watched The Double with Ratna. it was really accidental. I was accompanying Rezky and her IPDN’s friends in BIP when out of the blue we met Ratna. oh my. I was totally surprised and screamed out loud when I saw her, it felt so good we could meet, because we hadn’t met each other in quite a long time. too bad Teteh wasn’t with us because she has to do her internship job in Balikpapan.

after Rezky went back to her dorm in Nangor, me and Ratna decided to watch movie in BIP. I actually wanted to watch spiderman, but Ratna had watched it. Ratna, on the contrary, wanted to watch The Dark Knight, but I just watched it the night before. I didn’t want to watch Ice Age because I was gonna watch it with my family, so we finally chose the only hollywood movie available; The Double. it was our least choice, incredibly random. we never heard anything about the movie before, but we assumed it was good, since the leading actor is Richard Gere.

so, how was the movie? well, it was… good. not ‘good’ as Harry Potter’s good, it’s just normal good. the movie is about the work of double agents. it has a good twist, very shocking at some points and makes you never be able to guess the ending. since it’s a spy thriller movie, it does require some thinking and commenting. but again, it was okay.

when I was watching the movie, I noticed several actors, beside Richard Gere, that I had seen earlier before.

1. Topher Grace

he was the second leading actor in the movie, playing Ben Greary the FBI agent. had known him before in Spiderman 3, as venom, and Valentine Days, as Anne Hathaway’s girlfriend.

2. Odette Annable Yustman

her face was really familiar. I had seen her more than Topher Grace, actually. I saw her in the movie You Again, as Joanna the bully, 

and TV Series House, as one of the doctor,

and Breaking In, as Melanie.


by the way, I just checked wikipedia and found out that this movie was released last year. so I was watching an old movie.. LOL. and the other fact that, even though I thought the movie was good, it received negative review from Rotten Tomatoes. wow. maybe it was an unsuccessful movie for both Richard Gere and Topher Grace. but don’t worry, if you’re into spy thriller shocking movie, watch it. Open-mouthed smile


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