the dark knight rises

assalamualaikum wr. wb…

today I went to PVJ to watch batman: the dark knight rises with Gina, Farley, and Yudha. I’m not a fan of Batman, I even haven’t watched any of the films before, so I actually had no intention to watch this movie. I watched it  because yesterday Gina asked me to watch it together, and since I had nothing to do beside studying japanese, I said yes.

so how was the movie? the movie was surprisingly good. it’s not too hard to understand for someone who had no clue on Batman. of course it was linked to the previous film,  but not entirely.

what I liked about it was the story; it had a little twist that shocked almost every audience, especially me. but as always, I’m not gonna tell you anything about the story, because it’s gonna ruin the surprise. instead, I’m gonna write about the actors.

1. Anne Hathaway

been a fan since she starred in Princess Diaries, and liked her even more in Devil Wears Prada. she is really good as the Cat woman in this movie, I never thought she could do stuffs like that, you know, kicking, jumping and stuffs. I like her role as a superhero who saved the world, I think it’s a new character of her that she never played before.

2. Gary Oldman

his name is really familiar, though his face isn’t because of the beard and mustache. after googling him I found out that he is the Sirius Black in HP movie. jeez, no wonder his name rings a bell.

3. Morgan Freeman

I almost screamed when I saw his first scene in this movie. Oh My GoD! It’s Morgan Freeman! he is the actor that my father adores and that makes me adore him too. I love his acting, and I had watched countless movies of him before. the fact that he starred in the movie pleased me so much.

3. Joseph Gordon Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Michael Caine

their faces were really familiar, and I spent the entire film trying to remember in what film I had seen them before;

Joseph Gordon Levitt was the guy in 500 days of summer.

Marion Cotillard played in Contagion before.

Michael Caine starred as Josh Hutcherson’s grandfather in Journey 2: the mysterious island.

I did some digging and guess what? they had starred in the same movie before, together! it was Inception.

beside the three of them, Tom Hardy (the actor behind Bane character) also was in Inception. in other words, The Dark Knight rises is like a reunion for these actors. kewl, huh? hha.

anyway, this film is set in Gotham City, which I assume, is in America, since it looks a lot like Manhattan. but do you know that most of the leading actors aren’t actually American? Christian Bale (batman), Gary Oldman, and Michael Caine are English men, while Marion Cotillard is French. amazingly, their accents sounds very American. very convincing.

hmm… that fact closes my digging tonight.  my point is, this movie is good and if you’re into superhero movie, and nice technology, watch itOpen-mouthed smile


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