less complaining, more laughing

lately, I’ve been trying to be a better person by removing my bad habits, one at a time. the one that I’m currently working on is the complain thingy.

one of my bad habits is complaining. I’m the type of person who talks too much, and sometimes when I’m upset, those talking would transform into complains. yeah, sometimes, I complain a lot.

a few weeks ago, I finally learned that complaining will never solve the problem. so I thought  ‘why don’t we cut those complains and just look for the solution? it will be better, right?’.

I also realized that complaining make me look like a person who’s never grateful and unable to do anything except talking. I can imagine how people think of me, because even I  hate people who complains a lot without doing anything.

based on the huge desire to be a lovable person, I have promised myself that I will not complain anymore, except for certain circumstances. my new motto is: less complain, more laugh. so, instead of complaining at something that doesn’t satisfy me, I will laugh and suck it up.

recently, I’ve been trying to hold on the motto, and I successfully laughed in several annoying conditions;

  • I laughed when the administration staffs at my faculty showed an annoying look on her face when she saw me.
  • I laughed when I was looking for an important document who was misplaced.
  • I laughed when the immigration bureau staff kept on saying that my document for applying passport wasn’t right and it had to be retyped.
  • I laughed when a motorbike hit me on the road.
  • I laughed when my brother annoyed me.

cool, huh? Open-mouthed smile

some people might think that I look crazy, laughing by myself, but I find laughing is better than complaining without solving any problem. now, everytime I experience any problem, I will have the desire to laugh.

it’s a strange solution, I know. but trust me, it works!

so friends, let’s laugh!


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