Assalamualaikum wr. wb…

two days ago, me and my family went to Ciwalk to watch Brave.

in my opinion, the movie was great. the storyline is unique and so heart-rending, I couldn’t stop crying on several particular scenes.  I also laughed in other scenes, since many scenes were actually really funny.

I’m not gonna tell you the whole story of the movie, it’s gonna ruin the surprise for people who haven’t watched it before. I just want to comment about a few things;

1. the accent

while I was watching the movie, I noticed that every character in it talked in a strange accent. I knew it wasn’t America (obviously). I was convinced it wasn’t English either, because the way they talk was a bit different than the normal English accent I often hear. I guessed that it was a Scotland Accent, and later my guessing turned out to be true. the movie in fact has been set in 10th century Scotland.

see in the picture above the men are wearing Scotland traditional clothes?

2. Merida

the Merida character has successfully impressed me. she’s beautiful, bold, independent, and brave. pretty much every adjective I’d been wanting for. her curly red hair made her even cuter (especially when she was little).

3. the Queen

the whole story of Brave was actually about Merida and her mother. and the connection they created made me burst into tears.

seriously, there are many lessons we can take in this movie. hence, I recommend it. if you’re into cartoon fantasy adventure movie like me, then you definitely have to watch Brave.


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