trip to pangandaran

Assalamualaikum wr. wb…

last weekend I went to Pangandaran with a bunch of my campus’ classmates. how was it? it was incredibly fun!


we started the journey on friday morning, June 29th 2012. there were 8 people on the trip, consisted of two girls (me and tresna) and six boys (farley, oji, yudha, ramzi, ilham and riyan). originally, the trip was supposed to be joined by 15 people, but half of them canceled their joining due to several different reasons. because of so many sudden cancellations, we actually had considered to cancel the trip. but then we decided to just go on. nothing can stop us to have a fun adventure, right?

we went to Pangandaran by Yudha’s APV, with Farley driving, at 7 am. I was so excited, since I had never been to Pangandaran before. it took about 7-9 hours from Bandung to get to Pangandaran. the route is Bandung – Cileunyi – Rancaekek – Nagreg – Garut – Tasikmalaya – Ciamis – Pangandaran. there weren’t so many things uncommon to see during the travel, so you have to find your own way to kill boredom that happens because of staying in the car for hours.

thankfully, I was traveling with a bunch of funny people, so boredom barely hit me. I laughed all the time because those boys were always making jokes. other time if they’re not mocking anything, they would be singing at everything played on tape. so it was like karaoke mixed with comedy. in short: hilarious.

at 3pm, we finally arrived in Pangandaran Beach. our first destination, of course, was hotel. none of us had booked any room so we were quite insecure about where we were staying for 2 nights. farley took us to Sandaan Hotel, and thank God, rooms were available for us.

in Sandaan Hotel, there are several types of room. the cheapest was economy room. two beds, fan, and bathroom inside with only 100rb per night on weekday and 15orb per night on weekend. we also got free coffee, tea and breakfast for two. so much for 100rb, right? we booked 3 rooms right away. me and tresna, oji ilham and riyan, farley yudha and ramzi. fyi, Sandaan Hotel is a hotel that’s organized by the local government, that’s why everything in it is cheap. I recommend this hotel 🙂




after resting for several minutes, we went to the beach that is located across the hotel. it was friday afternoon, but the beach wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be in school holiday.

DSC02334 DSC02341




I was really happy to see the beach, I’ve always loved beach. after taking hundred pictures, the boys were playing soccer on the beach,



while me and tresna kept taking pictures everywhere.




15 minutes later they were tired because the wind kept flying the ball, so they started to go to the sea and get wet.


me and tresna were still taking pictures (this time, Yudha joined us). at 5.45 pm, we went back to the hotel to take shower and get ready for dinner.

at 7pm, we were all cleaned and starving. we decided to have seafood for dinner, so we then walked all the way from sandaan to pasar ikan. it wasn’t near, but not that far. we walked because we were too tired (and t0o cheap) to rent a bike. beside, it was a holiday, no need to hurry, so why so rush?

I suggest you to walk or to rent a bike if you’re in Pangandaran. you practically can go everywhere by foot, and it was really good to walk in pangandaran at night. for someone like me who barely see beach and sea, it’s relieving to walk at night accompanied by the sound of wave. renting a bike is also an option, it only takes 20rb for an hour.

after walking for more than 15 minutes and taking some pictures, we finally got in Pasar Ikan. I forgot in which restaurant exactly we had dinner, but I can assure you, the food were great. we ordered udang asam manis and cumi saus mentega, and both of them were delicious. the price, on the other hand, was so so.. it costs 30rb per person for sharing udang, cumi and teh tawar. pricey, for students like me and my friends, but worth to have for once in a while. well, we don’t go to pangandaran and have fresh seafood everytime, right?

the next day, we left the hotel early after breakfast. Farley took us to Batu Hiu, in which we could see a big coral and beautiful landscapes.




two hours later, after taking a lot of pictures, we went to green canyon or cukang taneuh. I once wrote about this site in GNFI, so being able to finally visit the place was amazing.


in Cukang Taneuh, we have to pay 75000 for every boat consisted by max 6 people. we paid 150rb for 2 boats, and divided ourselves into two groups. we then got a card and ticket in which written our number. even though there were many people in line, we didn’t wait so long because there were many boats available. rafting is also available here, it only costs 100rb per person.



the journey on the river was awesome. everything was beautifully green,




until we entered a cave in which everything carved black. the boat couldn’t continue the travel because there were too many stones and the river was so narrowed, so if we wanted to continue the trip we had to swim. there’s an extra fee needed if we want to swim, and the amount of the fee is negotiable. negotiate the fee with the guide in your boat (who’s also your swim guide through the river). me and my friends paid 15orb for every boat (which is considered expensive compared with other’ who only paid 20rb per person or 100rb per boat), but that was because our guide was too stubborn to lower his price.

we then swam through the river, and again, it was absolutely fantastic. it was my first time swimming in the river, and the best of all, the river was clean. the water was clean,no fish, no crocodile and no trash. there were many stones in it, so be careful otherwise you’d hit any. the current wasn’t too big, but if you didn’t move, you would still be floated off just like what happened to me lol. if you can’t swim, don’t worry. life vest is available and every swimmer has to wear it. and if you wonder what clothes do I wear while swimming, the answer is the exact same clothes you see in the pictures before, with the yellow hijab ;D.

the swimming was actually not far, probably less than 200m. but because of stones and the current, we wont be swimming fast. I didn’t know what was so special but the swimming was really fun.

in the swimming line, there’s a place that is used for people to jump. it was a bit high, probably 5-6m tall from the water. the water under the stone was deep so it’s safe to jump into. swimmer is allowed to jump, so I dared myself to jump off. ramzi, oji, ilham and me then climbed the cliff and jumped to the river.

my friends praised me for having the gut of jumping from the high place (I even jumped first), but for me, the jumping was usual. the terrifying part for me was the climbing. you know, I had to climb the cliff to get to the jump spot and for a girl with zero rock climbing experience like me, it wasn’t a merry way. the cliff was so slippery, and there were no security rope that would hold me if I got slipped. I was genuinely scared. but thank God, my guide was so kind, he helped me climbing and I got in the jump spot successfully.

after swimming, we got picked up by a boat that took us to the second dock, in which our first boat had already waited for us. then we sailed back to the land, all wet hha.




after that, we had lunch while drying our clothes. then we headed to batu karas, a beach located not too far from cukang taneuh.

DSC02538what was the best thing from the beach? the wave. it is bigger than the pangandaran beach. batu karas is usually visited by surfer who’s practicing their surfing move, so it’s a fun place to see surfers while enjoying the big wave.



banana boat and other rides are available here in Batu Karas. it costs 40rb – 60rb for every rides, and I think it’s much more cheaper compared to Bali. buoy and black buoys are available too and can be rented by paying 10rb.

about 3 hours later, we went back to the hotel, happy and exhausted. we had dinner in a warung sate near hotel.

DSC02560 then me and some of the boys spent our last night by strolling on the beach, drinking coconut milk.

the next day, Sunday 1st July, we packed our bags and left Pangandaran with happy faces. there was a traffic jam, on our half way home that kinda stressed us out, but that was nothing compared with the garut accident hha..

in short, the trip was AWESOME!

since I want to make this post useful to the readers, here are several infos if you want to go to Pangandaran;

How to go there?

take bus, it’s available both from Bandung or Jakarta. if you don’t limit your budget, you can always take Susi Air, which open flight route to Pangandaran. surprising? I know.

where to stay?

Sandaan hotel is my recommendation. probably one of the cheapest and cleanest hotel. the service is good too. it’s only a few steps away from the beach, and it’s near the evacuation route (in case of tsunami emergency).

don’t forget to book rooms before coming. I believe me and my friends were very lucky to get rooms without prior reservations, so just lose the insecurity.

where to visit?

Pangandaran Beach, Batu Hiu, Cukang Taneuh / Green Canyon, Batu Karas, Karang Nini, and Lembah Putri.

what to eat?

seafood, pick any place you want ;D

what to do?

take pictures, running on the beach, swim and rafting in cukang taneuh, get wet in pangandaran and Batu Karas, and anything else you want to do.


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