the blogs I always visit

Assalamualaikum wr. wb…

as a blogger (I think I am), I don’t only blog, I also love to read others, especially my friends’ and interesting blogs. I’m not a tumblr user (because I’m afraid if I use it I will do more ‘reblog’ than ‘blog’)  but I do read some tumblrs of my friends.

however, today I’m only gonna share several interesting blogs I always visit when I’m online. check them out!



This blog belongs to Mr. Made Andi Arsana, an Indonesian who’s currently staying in Australia. his blog is really informative and interesting. he often writes informations about scholarships (especially in Australia) that I find very useful. I actually don’t visit people’s blog which I don’t know personally, but he’s an exception. if you want to find scholarship informations, check his blog asap!




this is without any doubt one of the funniest blog ever. Viera Rakhmawati, the owner, is my friend in GNFI. she’s a funny person, online and offline. she writes everything in her blog, from ghost story to interview of Indonesian friends living abroad. and every pieces of them is funny and meaningful, make her got so many loyal readers. she calls her blog readers Kelompok ‘Pencapir’, or Pengamat Cerita – Cerita Piera. this group consists more than 150 people all around the world. they even got a facebook group (in which I joined).

by the way, Viera is actually an actress (or something like that). she starred in an Indomie commercial. you know, the one that said ‘beli indomie sampe belanda..’. it was her true experience, and the most amazing thing is the fact that this blog made her discovered by Indofood.

I believe she’s raditya dika female and better version. can’t wait for your book vi!




my friend, Erika Azzahra owns the blog. I love to read her blog because she updates it often, and she writes things in funny way (or at least I think it’s funny..). you should check and see for yourself.


anyway, these blogs aren’t the only blogs I always visit. there are other blogs too such as airyz, gina, nat, and others that I can’t mention one by one.

how about you? whose blogs do you like to visit?


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