it’s garut baby!

this actually occurred long long time ago, but because I’ve been busy, I never had the chance to post it. so, here it is!

on december, I had a trip to garut with my friends.  there were 11 of us: me, gina, trias, nabila, gagan, farley, oji, bobi, ramzi, yudha, and husni. we stayed at yudha’s uncle house for 2 days 2 nights. everything had been amazing; we went sightseeing to some beautiful landscapes in garut, had so many laughs, eat many food, until we got stucked in this disgusting traffic on our way back home. because of flooding happened in rancaekek, the traffic was dead for a day, causing a huge huge traffic jam from bandung to garut, and vice versa. it took 12 hours for me and my friends to finally arrive in bandung. 12 HOURS, when normally it only takes less than 2 hours. can you imagine what a huge mess we faced?

other than the stinky traffic, I have to admit that it was fun. check out these cool pictures we took (photos courtesy: gagan),

385880_344624532217619_1075667425_n (1)




I totally forgot the name of the place.. duh.






curug orok!



a famous restaurant in garut whose name I forgot.. hhe.



my bored face after spending hours on the road because of traffic


yep, we literally could take pictures on the street because the cars weren’t moving.

I’m sorry for not providing any useful information about my trip to garut. I’m such a bad writer when it comes to talk about traveling. oh well, and anything else. hehe. I’m working on it, by the way. I’ll write better next time.

in conclusion, garut is worth to visit. just make sure there’s no traffic on the road after >_<


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