Reading comprehension with a song

Assalamualaikum wr. wb…

as an english teacher, I have to teach many aspects in English, such as tenses, noun clauses,  conditionals, etc. I actually have no problem with most of them, but I do have a hard time teaching reading comprehension to my students, especially 12th grader.

yes, it’s extremely hard to teach students how to be able to understand and answer questions in the text, because the answers aren’t the same, they depend on the text. all the teachers can teach is the way to find the right answers. you know, there’s a pattern in every reading comprehension that keep been repeated. and how to recognize the pattern is what teachers teach.

when you have found a way to recognize those patterns then teach reading comprehension, it doesn’t mean the problem ends. teaching reading comprehension could be really boring, and when your students get bored to what you teach, they’ll get nothing. that’s why I add song to spice up my class ;D

I use Rascal Flatts’ song lyrics, No Reins, and create questions about it. the lyrics are simple, but the questions aren’t. the answers could be really tricky if they’re not careful. I use song because I believe song stimulates someone’s brain. it will also cheer them up a little bit. beside, by listening song, I think they will be able to visualize what the text talks about.

enough chitty chat, here I give you the lyric and the questions. you can download the song in the internet. I hope it will be helpful for english teachers out there 😀

“No Reins”

By Rascal Flatts

She left that loser in a dust cloud. Heart in his hand, chin on the ground. Cried her last tear for that clown. She can see a little clearer now. She said, “Oh, oh, I gotta go and find me”. Oh, oh she found the strength to break free.
[CHORUS] Like a painted wild mustang. Flyin’ out across the open range. Finally gets to live her life that way. No fear, no fences, nobody-no reins.
All she’s ever felt is held back. She says, “It’s kinda nice to hear myself laugh”. She’s gonna do a lot more of that. She’s makin’ plans and makin’ tracks. She said, “Oh, oh I gotta go and find me”.Oh, oh she found the strength to break free. [Repeat Chorus]
Oh, oh she’s learnin’ how to let go. Oh, oh whichever way the wind blows. Oh, oh she’s learnin’ how to let go.

1. What is the tone of the passage?

a. Pessimistic

b. Informative

c. Optimistic

d. Discourage

e. bearish


2. it is most likely that…

a. the man who is mentioned in the paragraph has a painted wild mustang.

b. the woman has been trying so hard to break up with the man.

c. the woman once dated a man whose job is a clown.

d. the man has been trying so hard to forget the woman.

e. the woman has had brokenhearted and is now trying to move on.


3. which of the following is closest in meaning to Reins?

a. harness

b. sagacious

c. persistent

d. dogmatic

e. erratic


4. what probably happened to the woman previously?

a. the woman was imprisoned.

b. the woman was left by someone she truly cared.

c. the woman was simply being magnanimous.

d. the woman lost both of her parents.

e. the woman was blind because of dust.


5. it is implied that the writer’s purpose in writing the song is..

a. to describe what men should do if he wants to fall in love.

b. to explain what men should have done if they like someone.

c. to tell the readers about someone’s way in forgetting bad memories.

d. to discuss the fact about a painful woman.

e. to persuade listeners to break free.


6. in conclusion, what is the subject of the text?

a. a brokenhearted man who’s feeling guilty of his past actions.

b. a brokenhearted woman who’s feeling better.

c. a relationship between man and woman.

d. a woman who’s unable to keep moving forward.

e. a woman who left a loser in the ground.


7. the word his in line 1 refers to..

a. the woman

b. the loser

c. the singer

d. the song’s writer

e. the reader


answer key: ceabcbb


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