cerita diet (2)

hello guys!

it’s been a while since the last time I posted. same lame old reason; quite busy, a lot of things happened.. blah blah blah, you know. just the exact same reason I usually give every time I abandon this blog.

anyway, I just wanna say a big ALHAMDULILLAAHHH for my diet program. In case you don’t know, I’ve been running a diet program since october. at first it was hard to hold my appetite (since I really love eating) but I gradually acknowledge that diet isn’t a temporary program. it’s a permanent program to have a healthy lifestyle. so, meet the new me!

two months running this diet make my body and myself have changed a little bit. I usually don’t like changing, but I do like this new me. why? because…

1. I’ve lost my weight! wohooooooooo finally! after 2 months of diet i‘ve lost 9 kg. this is a great news. I used to weigh 65kg, now I weigh 56kg. I want to lose 22kg actually, since my ideal weight is 43kg, but 9 kg is enough to make me happy and keeps me on fire to continue my diet! 43kg, wait for me!

2. I eat carefully and chew slowly. every time I want to eat something, I usually count the calories before eating.

3. I eat less, drink more. I still like chips, but I don’t eat those yummy chips as much as I did. it’s because I can hold my appetite. I eat what I have to eat, not what I want to. and it totally makes a big difference.

4. I stop eating unhealthy food like gorengan, instant noodle, junk food, etc because I know there’s nothing healthy in those. I now eat any kind of fruit everyday.

5. I stop drinking other drinks beside water and milk. not just any milk, actually, I only drink frisian flag low fat french vanilla. I really like this milk, and it has a huge impact to my body. so, goodbye milk tea, cappuccinno, and juices!

6. I feel healthier, and lighter. oh that awesome feeling when you look good on your clothes..

even though It took a long time for me to lose 9 kg, but I’m okay with that. like what I said, diet isn’t a temporary program, it’s permanent. you can’t just lose all that weight and go back to your old lifestyle. you have to maintain. otherwise you’ll gain a lot more than you already lost.

a diet is a new chapter of life, to be the slimmer, healthier, and better you. enjoy the process and you’ll lose weight gradually. if you don’t lose some, just be patient. losing weight isn’t junk food. you can’t have it instantly, it does take time.


One thought on “cerita diet (2)

  1. i m sinecerely looking for your help.. i want to loose 22kg rite nw m 67 kg…. i hate doing exercises bt i walk daily…. i read your article, i l b careful about my diet… but aything else would yu suggest me??? in order to help me loosing weight. please…..

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