Farah’s Playlist [1]

Assalamualaikum wr. wb…

Greyson Chance–Unfriend you


a few days ago I was listening to music on channel v and posting my blog when the VJ put on a video of Greyson Chance called Unfriend You.

first time I saw the video I was like … “Oh my God,, another Justin Bieber wannabe???” because he looked totally like JB on his one time video. but after seconds went by, I realized that he’s not the next Justin Bieber, he’s just simply Greyson Chance.

although he looks really young (I heard that he’s fourteen), but the video is nice. for me, it shows how a fourteen-year-old-boy would react when his girlfriend is taken. yeah, I really should consider to attack my ex’s house or dorm using a bunch of toilet paper. it would be a fun thing to do. besides, I’m being generous by doing that, because they don’t have to buy toilet paper anymore. HAHA. waddaya think guys? Smile with tongue out

the song Unfriend You has a simple and light lyric, nice to be listened in this globalized world, when you will unfriend your ex boy/girlfriend on every social networking account if you want to move on. kinda reminds me with something.. HAHA.

anyway, I tried to put the original video but I never be able to do it. don’t know why. maybe because it ‘s on VEVO :/. it doesn’t matter, you can check the music video on youtube everytime.

if you want to download the song, click this link from 4shared. if you’re into light music and simple lyric, you’re on the right track Smile


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