things have been happening lately.

Assalamualaikum wr. wb…

so, what have been happening lately in my life?

1. i accidentally reactivated my facebook account. in my last post i told you i deactivated my account, but yeah, i accidentally reactivated it again when i was opening ebuddy for a little chitchat via y!m. so my plan was screwed. but i’m in up mood right now, and i made a promise to my self for not talking about something that will hurt my feeling, so now i’m okay.

2. my father is hospitalized again, now in advent. it’s kinda long story. last week, when my parents were doing a private business in medan, my father was kejang2 (i’m not in the mood to look on dictionary, sorry) in the middle of the night. after being hospitalized at herna hospital for 3 days, he came home back to bandung on tuesday. i thought he was fine, but he wasnt. his condition was just the same as 5 months ago, when he was hospitalized because of the brain surgery. my mother took him to advent on friday afternoon,(not in boromeus because of the suggestions of family’s friends), and it turned out that he was not okay because of a stroke attack. stroke ringan, sih. but it caused something bad… of course. so now he’s hospitalized. i stayed at hospital for 2 nights and tonight iqbal replaced me. i’ll be back to accompany him after class tomorrow. now i just want to finish antropologi’s task, it needs internet connection.

3. i’m being attacked by tasks. sooo many tasks. and it sucks for real. but still, i’m happy because i always love being busy. yeah, i hate tasks but i love it. creepy. anyway, it’s fun working on a group project consist of a bunch of my dilligent-able-to-work-with-team friends. they are so kind and hard workers. no wonder we finished our economic task earliest, when other groups even havent started working on it. wew. ahahaha. proud of it.

4. like i said, i’m working on antropologi task. mid test will be finished by friday, 3 objects left. after that i may prepare for the big exams, if i dont feel lazy. hha

5. i’m thinking about going back to my previous work, because my ex colleague said that they now have a fix salary now. and that’s kinda tempting. she said that they still have vacancy, so i think i’ll be back to work by june, on holiday. i’m still listing the pros and cons of course, bcuz somethings make me dont want to go back there, but i’m not sure it’s more than the advantage of going back to work.

okay, its too late now and i really want to finish my tasks.
bye readers!

ps : i’m thinking of a name to call my blog readers. like sapaan. what do you think? what if i call you all, “mochoreaders” hah hah? cool isnt it? if you can come up with better names, tell me asap.


3 thoughts on “things have been happening lately.

  1. MOCHOREADERS KEREN :3 i vote for it, apa ngga aku pikirin lagi deh hahaha. Its kinda cool ide kamu, aku juga ah boleh ga boleh gaaaa? :D:Dbtw, i hope ur dad will get better soon, im sorry to hear that he's being hospitalized again 😦

  2. yoi nat, apa nama blogreader kamu? soalnya aku keingetan, kalo artis kan punya fans club gtu, kalo kita kan boleh dong, sok berartis ria, dengan punya nama panggilan ke blog reader? hahaha.iya nat, thanks ya,,,

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