Assalamualaikum wr. wb…

not much to tell actually, but a couple days ago i found my favourite comic book in second season!!!


i was going to goldtoga with my fams when suddenly i saw W JULIET II vol. 2, ‘lying’ over other comics. i almost screamed!
oh come on, i love W JULIET!

do you know W JULIET?
well, w juliet is a manga, created by a manga author called emura.
the story was about a girl named ito and a boy named makoto. they loved drama and theater. makoto werent allowed by his dad to be an actor, because he had to run his family’s dojo and company in the future. but mako insisted, he didnt want to run the company, he wanted to be an actor. so his dad gave him a requirement : he had to pass high school as a girl, without anyone knew. so he moved to ito’s school, sakuragaoka, joined the drama club. accidentally ito revealed makoto’s secret, but ito promised wont tell anyone about that, and will be makoto’s best friend so no one would know about makoto’s secret.
then their life continued, the fell in love, bla bla bla bla.

its an interesting story!
the first season was 14 series, and all of them were so great!

back to goldtoga, i realized that i didnt see the vol.1, i only saw the second. i didnt even know that there was w juliet season 2!!!
i asked to mba2 there, and she said that the first volume was no stock.
so i promised myself to go to gramedia bip the day after.

i did go to gramedia the day after, but just like gold toga, there was no stock, no w juliet left for me.

i went to the customer service, and try to indent the book.
she said, there’re w juliet II left in gramedia bsm.
“could you please tell them to save a book for me?” i asked her.

oh my god! how lucky i was???

i promised to take the book after class, which finished around 3 pm.

yes, after class (there was no lecturer so we sat in the class for an hour and ended up with nothing we could get) i went to gramedia bsm at once.

and finally, YES!!!! i found the book!

the story was great, i love emura and w juliet.

you girl should read this comic, LOL.

okay, not important.


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