MAPAK (ospek) FH UNPAD 2009.

Assalamualaikum wr. wb…


well, i’ve got a lot of story to tell but i’m so tired to write them down. so now i’m gonna give you some part of it. MAPAK was fun!

1. i was in the sixth group. other members a.k.a my new friends, were so nice! i love them! espescially my new crush mr-whose-name’s-like-one-of-my brother. anyway, forget him, he’s just another crush just like kang angga. LOL.

2. speaking of my old PK, my group had two LO’s. they are kang Benny and teh Rihana. they were so kind and i think they were the greatest LO of all.

3. when mapak was being held for three days, me and my friends had nothing to do beside sit and sit. at the beginning of the day, komdis or komisi disiplin would put us in lines. just like the old time, monday morning, when teachers tried to make students standing in good lines before ceremony started. but yesterday, instead of flag to be raised, the only thing we had got before sat for long time, is anger from every komdis’s member.
anger it’s not the word actually, it’s not that bad. well, they yelled and screamed to us, talking about anything they could talk and every mistakes we had made before. it’s an usual orientation, so i didnt feel sad or afraid, to be honest. in fact, i barely held my laughing! i didnt know what so funny, but it’s true. i was almost this close to laugh.
komdis talked right to me, many times. the talking was very funny and i got bellyache when i was trying not to laugh.
“cepat, putri!”
“jangan lari2 putri!”
“nametagnya dipake putri!”
“kamu masih kuat, putri?” two times
“putri yg dibelakang, kamu masih kuat?”
“hati2 jalannya putri!”
“putri yang disana, kamu mau sholat kan? cepet simpen tasnya disitu!”
“jangan ngobrol putri, saya tau waktunya cuma 30 menit, cuma sebentar, jd ga ada waktu ngobrol!”
well, i did many mistakes, didnt i?
last, i was walking in a line, going out from unpad after mapak. the mapak’s comittees were standing on our right and left. one of komdis’s member said “inget ya, kita masih ketemu lagi di makrab!”
i, who was very out to lunch answered “sip teh!”
and she answered angrily, “okeh, saya tunggu!!”
wih, omg that was an accident! i didnt mean to be a bad freshman!
but yeah, after that i laughed out loud.

4. mapak’s motto was : POSITIVE THINKING AND SAFETY FIRST! i also got many FH’s songs to sing, such as yel yel mapak, hukum fight win, from moon to sun and show force.

5. first day was the most important day of all. i’ve got many information about studying in faculty of law padjajaran university, such as classes, sks, specialty programme for fifth semester, etc. i saw a moot court who was held by moot court society (an extracuriculler). the moot court was very cool!!

6. second day was MHMMD training, and break fasting together in unpad. the training motivated me to plan my future as soon as i can, and always try to stick to the plan. because, if we plan our future, we will be able to achieve what we wanted to. their motto was “if we fail to plan, then we are planning to fail”.

7. third day was antidrugs declaration, meet and greet alumnni (i cant find the perfect english word), and extracuriculler exhibitions. seniors told us to be active in organization, cause we’ll need the soft skills to work. we wont get it from our common class, so we have to join and be active in organizations. me and imeh, are planning to only join KSH (kelompok studi hukum). i dont want to join BEM or BPM, neither does ima. we’re just dont want to be sooooo busy anymore. dkm al hikmah 20 high school gave me many things, and i know i’ve got many experiences from this organization. its time to study and to graduate as fast as i can. thats my goal.
what if i couldnt be famous anymore? well, i was never famous in high school. i only had many friends. i’m not worried about not being famous, cause i believe that i’ll have many good friends later. it’s not like you’ll die if you dont join bem, right?
i aim to graduate next three years . not to be famous in FH UNPAD.

8. my group held a break fasting together after mapak. boys couldnt come,didnt know why, so only 6 girls came and ate at DU.21. me, puti, naya, juli, mia, and dina.
it was great! they were so nice! we talked a lot about things, and they reminded me, to be very careful when choosing friends. i had never heard stories like that before yesterday, and it opened my mind, made me realize that it’s a reality, not just a story.
anyway we asked someone to take our picture together. when i saw the photo in FB, i realized that i’m fat! oh my god. its so bad.
i have to lose my weight! now!!!!!!

okay, thats all.
tomorrow will be my first class, logic.
cant wait, and i’m wondering like what it would be…



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