Assalamualaikum wr. wb…

ok, itb ‘dumped’ me. again. twice a year. this 2009 year.
what the heck??

i knew it would dump me, so i feel nothing but sorry to my mom. she sounded very miserable when me and her was trying to open itb’s page. and tadaaaaaaa! i’m not accepted. not qualified. i knew.
honestly, i feel sorry to myself, feels like i’m soo stupid and useless because i didn’t study well.

now i’m waiting for unpad. despite the optimistic feeling, i also feel very pesimistic. my friend said, “just try to do ur best and God will do the rest!” and she was right!
i’ll pray and just pray and keep on praying for smup’s result. i also hope Allah will give me and my family a strength if the result isn’t what i want.
i’ll keep on praying for the best of me. and i promise i will take it calmly.

i’m so sorry to everyone who is in the same condition with me.
don’t blame itb, don’t blame God. blame ourself, like what i did.
it’s not the end of the world, snmptn is still waiting.
keep on studying guys!

and i wanna say..
congratulation zahra my bestie hunny bunny! enjoy FITB ya!
also, congrats risang! enjoy metalurgi!



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